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Guatemala City

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Guatemala City has a population of approximately 2.0 million persons.  It is the largest city in Central America.  Guatemala City is located at an altitude of approximately 1,300 meters to 1,500 meters.  Here are some picture of modern Guatemala City.  The center of town is in Zone 1 and houses many of the historic buildings, however most of this part of the city is rundown and relatively dangerous.  Renovation work has started to preserve the historic center.  By contrast zones 9, 10, 13, 14 and 15, houses the modern part of City.  These sections contain office buildings, banks, hotels, restaurants, high rise apartment, residential areas and large boulevards.


Old Military Academy in the Reforma Avenue

Banco de la Republica building

International Bank building

Apartment buildings in construction, Zone 10

Gemenis building complex, Zone 10

Hyatt Hotel

Los Proceres Shopping Center

Zone 4 office buildings

Tiffany Apartment building (where I currently live)

Office Buildings in Zone 10

Apartment buildings in Zone 14

Atlantis Office Building, Zone 10

Houses the World Bank Office

View from my apartment

Panoramic view from Apartment on a cloudy day

Morning view from apartment building

Zone 10

Commercial building in Zone 4

Monument to Miguel Asturia, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Ministry of Education, Avenida Reforma

Monument in the Reforma Avenue

A drop of sunshine

International Bank

Office buildings with Volcanos in the background

Volcan de Agua in the background



View from my office window

4 Volcanos in the background, Pacaya, Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango

Cloudy sunrise

Pacific Plaza, Zone 14

Zone 9

"Campo de Marte"

Zone 4, Industrial Bank in the background

Traffic in Zone 1

Sunset over Zone 10

Sunset with Volcanos in Background

Cloudy Afternoon

Cloudy Afternoon

Apartment buildings, Zone 10

Metro Norte Shopping Center

Chamber of Industry Building

Privately Owned Church In Zone 4

Torre Reformador & Volcan de Agua

Parts of Zone 4

Run down parts of the City with Tikal Futura in the Background

Street that leads toward the Terminal Market

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